Division castle

The Castle that divides the two regions.

Celiheit is divided into two regions. The Astromy Castle sits between the two. The two regions are made up of Angels and Demons.

The Astromy Castle is the only place the two races can speak, trade and etc.

Angels/Demons are part of the chosen three in the Astrilogical Ordinis.

Caliehiet Celcious Concept

The majestic landscape of Celsius.

Celsius- The angels live here. It's a peaceful region, and the only way into Angel Falls. It stays in the 70-80's in terms of weather. Flying is popular here.

Caliehiet Farinhiet Concept

The dark, scary landscape of Fahrenheit.

Fahrenheit- The demons live here. It's dark and depressing, with the occasional volcanic eruption. That's why their cities are built on the rocks.

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